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Single Cell Western


Milo: Single Cell Platform

Milo™ is the world’s first Single-Cell Western platform. He measures protein expression in thousands of single cells in a single run so you can profile heterogeneity in your samples. Just load your cell suspension and the scWest chip captures ~1,000 single-cells. Milo then does a fast, 1 minute SDS-PAGE separation on each single-cell lysate on-chip. Then just probe with your favorite conventional Western antibodies to measure ~12 proteins per cell using a variety of multiplexing strategies.

How Can It Help?

Milo unlocks the single-cell proteome and measure more of the proteome than is single-cell technique.

Offers a tool for studying single cell signaling and for dissecting population heterogeneity

Performs Western analysis on 1000-2000 single cells in parallel to quantify expression heterogeneity

Measures proteins that are hard-to-detect by FACS or other single cell analysis technologies, such as isoforms, post-translational modifications, transcription factors, intracellular proteins, etc.

Simple workflow, quantitative data analysis with Scout Software, multiplexing ability depending on the targets (up to 12-15 targets), option to re-probe archived samples months later

Potential Applications

Milo is a powerful tool that can measure the expression of many protiens

Detection of targeted heterogeneity in tumors

Identification of different stem cell subtypes, and rare events

Analysis of signaling pathways  like phosphorylated targets or transcription factors

Validation of single-cell RNA results with protein expression

Identify the efficiency of genetically engineered CRISPR, transduction, or transfection

Correlation of target expression with cell cycle status without synchronization